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Plane Addiction Going Global

Who would think that a few weeks ago when I started painting warbird paintings to go in my gallery in Temora, the town of the Warbird museum in my region. That these paintings would be so popular. If you have a hankering to hang a portrait of a Warbird on your wall email me to find out how you get yours. Go to my contact page and either click on the red link or fill in the form box and I will get back to you. I am negotiating a family heirloom standard painting going into the family home of an ex B17 bomber crew member's family. Quite an honour for me, makes me proud they think I am their artist for this job. There are a lot of orders in my diary already but happy to take more. Right now I am painting another Black Cat check my Warbirds tab to see it and a Red Baron, both sold already. Check it out. Thanks for reading. Stay safe and be creative in your isolation.

Picture from World War Photos, sent to me by my client.

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