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Alice Bird a Commission.

Finished this one, the last painting for 2021

Floating Flight-deck. For Art Prize

This painting took a long time to finish

Floating Flight-line for Art Prize

Phew hundreds of hour all up. Love this one.

The Last 747 Commission

VH-OEJ heads out to sea on her last flight from Australia. The last 747 in Qantas's fleet.

Gangly Legs Commission

A Cessna C10 commission, pretty cute.


My second one of these a commission. Great painting.

Latest Commission begun.

Commission May 2021begun.

Building and building the image.

Building and building

Starting to look good to me.

Starting to come alive.

Landcaster Bomber

Oil on canvas 9" x 12"

A4 Skyhawk
Finished A4 Skyhawk
Lancaster Bomber
Lancaster and bits of sky

Another commission ready to go.


Under construction.


Another commission finished.

Me and OJK

Another one done.


7"X 5" Graphite on canvas.

The Hornet

Here is the finished Hornet. I'm loving this one. Varnish to go then new home...


All done, another commission.

Me and F111

All done a happy artist.


Commission finished.

Oil on canvas 18" x 24"

"Bathed in Brilliant Sunshine," the last flight of a beautiful bird. Tail end Charlie low and slow got shot down in Europe WWII.

Oil on Canvas 18" x 24"

I have finished and love this B-17

Oil on Canvas 18"h x24"W

"Bathed in Brilliant Sunshine," This is on its way to Texas USA.

Oil on canvas 20" x 16"

The finished, 'Kite birds in territorial flight.'

Oil on canvas 12" x 10"

Black Bird Chasing a Red Bird.

Oil on canvas 7"x5"

Black Cat II

Work in Progress

1st World War air battle

Oil on canvas. 60"x 15"

Pardeys Flour Mill Temora


Detail of Pardeys Flour Mill Temora


Detail of Temora Flour Mill

Oil on canvas 7"x 5"

Black Cat

Oil on canvas. 7"x 5"

Black Cat

Oil on canvas 7"x 5"

Yellow Tipped Bird

Oil on canvas. 7"x 5"

Yellow Tipped Bird

Oil on canvas. 7"x 5"

Yellow Tailed Bird & Artist

Oil on canvas. 7"x 5"

Yellow Tailed Bird

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