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This One is Finished.

I have been slowed In my progress this last couple of weeks not only to the cold and the slowing up due to glazing. I have become a grandfather my new granddaughter was born a week ago. Mum and Bub are doing fine. Grandad is still in fairyland and madly in love with baby. Hence my slow progress this week to get this painting finished. It’s signed and yet to be delivered. Looks great and the new owner loves it. Now since I have been on here I have secured two more commissions on top of the B-17 I have started working on already. So coming up after the B-17 I have an order for a painting of a Qantas 747 in flight for an ex Flight Attendant who was on the last ever Qantas 747 flight out of LAX. After 14 days in isolation contacted me to create a painting of the 747 for her. Wonderful opportunity for me. I will give the details of the latest commission in the next couple of weeks. So for now here is a picture of the completed Fokker for now. I’ll be back in a week or two With more info. Thanks. Yianni.

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