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I paint therefore I am. Art to me is as important as oxygen in my existance as a global inhabitant I've been painting since the 80's. Here is some of my art completed in the last four years. Some have been shown in New York, Montreal Sydney. There are some of these paintings still available contact me if you would like to adopt one to live with you.  100% Tax deductable to small Business.

Smart Ed's One Stop Shop
Oil on Canvas. 30" x 48" $6400 SOLD
112cm x 92cm Oil on canvas $2500
Religion of Possession
71cm x 76cm Oil on Canvas 2011 $2200
105 Minutes to Shop
76cm x 94cm Oil on Canvas 2010 $2500
Andy's Commodity (SOLD)
51cm x 76cm Oil on Canvas. $2800
Credit Fueled Consumer Crash Pipe
83cm x 92cm Oil on Canvas $2500
Altamira Mall (SOLD)
92cm x 71cm Oil on Canvas $3800 SOLD
Mall Angel Wears PRADADA
Oil on Canvas 48" x 30" $2800
Bob's Dilemma
92cm x 72cm Oil on Canvas $2500
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Andy's Commodity (SOLD)

51cm x 76cm Oil on Canvas. $2800