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Small and Sweet.

Updated: May 26, 2020

Over the last week I have had some amazing feedback on my “Warbirds as Art.” I have had many sales and commissions for various types of warbirds. At the moment I am working on small canvases 7”x 5” (17.7cm x 12.7cm). They are beautiful little portraits of aircraft. A joy to create and a joy to look at. The covid isolation has given me plenty of time to work these little beauties.

Should you be interested in having one of these little paintings in your home email me for pricing. (You will be pleasantly surprised). Of course if you are in the market for something larger or something outside this genre contact me too. Also with the downturn in the world slamming us all, if there is a painting you like on my website lets talk. I’m happy to negotiate a good price for you.

Meanwhile have a look at my website let me know what you like even if you don’t intend to buy. Love hearing from people.



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