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Good start to a bad year.

I am constantly asked how I am going with the isolation because generally I am a bit of a social butterfly. Well for me isolation is the new black. In the sense it has been perfect for me as a painter and writer. I have no pressure to be anywhere so I am free to paint or write and contemplate my creativity. I have sold three paintings this week much to my surprise so again I am happy. I do feel sad for people without a creative passion that works well in lockdown conditions.

I don’t do Netflix, Stan or anything like that I have read a few novels in my down time so it has been bliss.

Make sure you checkout my website to see what I have on the market at the moment.

I will be posting some new art up there this week so jump on and check them out feel free to leave comments and I will do my best to get back to you.

I am happy to take commissions if you want to have a say in your painting.

Here is my website,

Talk soon.


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