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In a stimulating move from the Federal Government this week they introduced a 100% tax refundable investment scheme for small business earning under $2000000. The deduction takes the form of spending to improve business and the investment is 100% tax deductable in the first year. A great incentive to buy don't you think? Yes.


If you are looking to make your offices, waiting rooms, private surgeries, boardrooms more upmarket therefore advertising your credibility as a tasteful and stylistic business, buying living Australian Artists Art is one way of paying this benefit forward and also getting into the art market with investable items such as paintings and sculpture.


I will be raising my art by 10% per annum from 2016 to ensure your inverstment in my art. 


Go through the following pages in the Art Gallery Tab to see available paintings. All the Beijing inspired works are P.O.A. due to tha fact they are going into my next exhibition later in the year but I am willing to sell these on genuine equiry.


Now go and buy art, it's tax deductable! 


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